The long-awaited Campaign Manager is finally available. The campaign manager allows to design template-driven email marketing campaigns and distribute them to lists of prospective customers. The Campaign Manager includes some some of the following features and benefits:

  • Powerful List Management: Import and export lists into LongJump. The Campaign Manager also comes with a complete set of list management tools including merge, de-dupe and the ability to support opt-outs.
  • Customizeable Templates: The Campaign Manager comes with built-in customizeable templates you can use for your email campaigns. You can also use the built-in design wizard to create your own or simply important your own designs or HTML templates from services like vFlyer.
  • Image Hosting Included: LongJump is capable of hosting all the images used by your HTML email campaigns taking the hassle out of the process.
  • Comprehensive Metric and Reporting: LongJump provides comprehensive metrics and statistics on how many people received your email, how many open it, how many opted out and other important marketing information.
  • White-Listed Delivery: LongJump is partnered with VerticalResponse, the premier email delivery service, to ensure that correspondence is white-listed for delivery across spam filters.
  • Automate Follow-Up Tasks: LongJump makes it easy to assign a call back to any of your team members when someone opens or clicks on an email. This accelerates the selling process and proactively goes after those who have expressed an interest in your offering.

The LongJump Campaign Manager is an easy, effective and cost-effective email marketing solution that let’s you create professional-looking emails with no technical experise and to establish and build strong and lasting relationships with your customers. Give it a try today!