CRN Magazine just finished their round up of the Cloud 100 companies for 2013.

Again this year, LongJump is made the list of 20 Coolest Cloud Platform Vendors.

You might be saying to yourself – “that’s terrific I also want to do business with a cool company!”   That’s great – call me right now.  Or, you might be thinking, “cool” by whose standard and how can a cloud platform be cool at all.  Good question.

Around here we don’t feel too cool. We sometimes feel very nerdy.  Let’s face, any discussion of application platform development topics can very quickly get very deep in the technical weeds.

When we think about application development we are thinking about how we can provide tools to everyday people to get their work done. If you have the technical background of someone proficient in spreadsheets you can build very powerful enterprise class applications all the features you’d expect including advanced data management, business processes and workflow, business rules and automation capabilities, ad hoc charting and analysis, scheduled reporting, role specific dashboards, mobile access and more.

The rise of the citizen developer is just this – providing people across the enterprise with easy to use capabilities they need to create very powerful database driven and process driven applications for their departments and work groups.

Citizen developers…

  • Don’t need to wait for months or longer for IT to make their  project a priority and build it – they can create it visually.
  • Don’t need to go through a capital expenditure approval justification process, they can pay for what they use monthly for as long as they need it.
  • Don’t need to lock in all requirements and then fret about suggesting changes, adding fields, rearranging form elements, changing a business rule, modifying an email templates – all that can be done iteratively, as needed, without breaking anything!

LongJump enables the move to this new model where the enterprise line of business person, the Citizen Developer, is empowered with tools to help their team collaborate, share information, automate and streamline processes and make better decisions.

If we can be relevant, empowering, provide great support, help you get your job done, and do all that cost effectively, then yeah, I guess that’s pretty cool.

Please check out the slide show here.