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SAP-Connected MicroApps from LongJump ISV

We wanted to congratulate SEAL Innotech, one of LongJump’s ISV customers on our PaaS (platform as a service), for launching their mobile SAP and ERP solution into the market.

SEAL Mobile and Mash-up Micro-Apps are lightweight enterprise applications providing a secure access to on-premise and/or cloud enterprise applications via simple interfaces for common tasks. These are available across various business domains from Supply-Chain, Logistics, Procurement and Manufacturing to Financials, HR, CRM and Performance management.

Their Micro-Apps are delivered to mobile platforms like the Blackberry, iPhone and Google Android.

CEO of LongJump Discusses Cloud Application Platforms at SIIA OnDemand

Pankaj Malviya, CEO of LongJump was at SIIA OnDemand in San Jose last week to showcase the LongJump cloud applications platform. While public and private cloud infrastructure may be top mind, the applications that sit in that cloud also need a revolutionary strategy. LongJump presents a streamlined approach to application development that leverages the shared power of a multitenant business platform to minimize time to market and manual effort.

You can watch the short […]

David Allen Company Getting Things Done with LongJump


LongJump today announced that The David Allen Company, renowned experts in personal and organizational productivity, including David Allen’s decade-long bestseller Getting Things Done and the more recent Making It All Work books as well as many public and private coaching session and seminars, has selected LongJump’s Business Applications Platform to manage its business development and resource management operations for the company.

Before we made our selection, we evaluated several vendors, including some well-known competitors to LongJump.  We felt […]

Coghead’s PaaSing

It was revealed last night by TechCrunch that one of our platform-as-a-service competitors ran out of funding and is closing its doors. While on one hand it is heartening to see someone in your space, who has done a commendable job helping to bring attention to the space, take such an unfortunate turn, it has also made it even more clear that our approach is the right thing to do.

PaaS is still a game changer, but I really believe that PaaS companies need to have a stabilizer in order to survive. Selling an app platform is a […]

What is Lean Software, and is It the New Black in Application Development?

According to an eWeek article, “Move Over, Open Source, Lean Software Is the New Black for Developers,” Forrester analyst John Rymer believes that lean software, an approach to building software that promotes simplicity and minimizes resource usage, is what the application development industry must move to as the next development paradigm in order to move ahead.

This is something we’re predicting will coalesce; right now it’s a bunch of individuals doing this on their own, but we expect […]

The Birth of a Silo: Another Expensive IT Application Project

Why are Hollywood blockbusters so expensive to produce?

They often run $100-million or more to make. The reason is that every movie project is a product; fully conceived and produced from the lines in the script to the distributed prints that get sent out to the movie theater. Hollywood studios often have to create everything from scratch, and most of the time, have to recreate entire worlds for every different movie. That might work in the entertainment industry or in art, but if IT services outside core business functions took that approach, it’d be a plot for disaster.

To understand […]