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New Features Coming January 25th

The LongJump team will be introducing several new features to be released on January 25th. This release will feature the first ever major update to the LongJump user interface. The new style will be less cluttered, easier to read, load faster, and consolidate many functions on the platform.

LongJump New Home Page 360-Degree Record View

Additionally, we have added some important features for tracking information, improving administrative update performance, and […]

The Birth of a Silo: Another Expensive IT Application Project

Why are Hollywood blockbusters so expensive to produce?

They often run $100-million or more to make. The reason is that every movie project is a product; fully conceived and produced from the lines in the script to the distributed prints that get sent out to the movie theater. Hollywood studios often have to create everything from scratch, and most of the time, have to recreate entire worlds for every different movie. That might work in the entertainment industry or in art, but if IT services outside core business functions took that approach, it’d be a plot for disaster.

To understand […]

Jumping into the Cloud

Robert Scoble of FastCompany.TV talks to LongJump CEO, Pankaj Malviya about a range of topics including what applications moving into the Cloud, i.e. PaaS, mean for IT and about his company.