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    LongJump Picks Up It’s 2nd AlwaysOn OnDemand 100 Award LongJump Picks Up It’s 2nd AlwaysOn OnDemand 100 Award

    LongJump Picks Up It’s 2nd AlwaysOn OnDemand 100 Award

LongJump Picks Up It’s 2nd AlwaysOn OnDemand 100 Award

Online Database LongJump Wins Private Company Award

LongJump was awarded it’s 2nd AlwaysOn OnDemand Top 100 Private Companies award in a row. LongJump was featured in the Cloud Applications Platform category for its online database and platform-as-a-service (paas) solutions along with nine other vendors. According to the site:

Inclusion in the OnDemand 100 signifies leadership amongst its peers and game-changing approaches and technologies that are likely to disrupt existing markets and […]

Multitenancy – Still Top of Mind for SaaS Businesses

You may argue the difference between SaaS and the Cloud — about how one is a technology and the other is market-ese — but one factor you cannot argue about anymore is how multitenancy must be the basis for SaaS business software going forward. In September, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, at their conference Oracle OpenWorld, had the IT world a-buzz about how multitenancy is not secure.

Says Ellison:

“Multitenancy is a horrible idea. What it means is, everyone’s data is commingled, everyone’s customer list is in a single database. That’s a horrible security model. In the […]

Phil Wainewright: Multi-tenancy Benefits

Phil Wainewright at ZDNet makes a wonderful case for multi-tenancy when it comes to modern SaaS applications.

The strength of multi-tenancy is that each of its multitude of individual tenants keeps it constantly evolving. This is in direct contrast to single tenancy, the whole point of which is to limit evolution only to those changes that are perceived to directly benefit the individual tenant. Thus single tenancy misses out on innovations and other advances that are being adopted by competitors, partners and third-party services.

He makes a great case especially in […]

¿Habla Foreign Languages? – PaaS for Translation and Localization

For enterprises and ISVs, it has become more important than ever to support a global workforce. In fact, according to, the translation and interpretation services industry is a $2.7 billion market that has grown an average of 22 percent a year since 2004. The main thrust is the need for U.S. military and businesses expanding overseas as well as the healthcare industry.

Whether you need an application to deliver software solutions in Portuguese, French, or Klingon, chances are the challenge is […]

SAP-Connected MicroApps from LongJump ISV

We wanted to congratulate SEAL Innotech, one of LongJump’s ISV customers on our PaaS (platform as a service), for launching their mobile SAP and ERP solution into the market.

SEAL Mobile and Mash-up Micro-Apps are lightweight enterprise applications providing a secure access to on-premise and/or cloud enterprise applications via simple interfaces for common tasks. These are available across various business domains from Supply-Chain, Logistics, Procurement and Manufacturing to Financials, HR, CRM and Performance management.

Their Micro-Apps are delivered to mobile platforms like the Blackberry, iPhone and Google Android.

Developers Have More Collaboration and Channel Capabilities to Create a Complete Private-Label SaaS Ecosystem

LongJump Version 7.0 provides PaaS with comprehensive solution to build, brand and bill web-based applications

LongJump, a leading Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software provider, announced the availability of Version 7.0 of their application platform which adds a range of collaboration capabilities for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. This new release focuses on helping ISVs (independent software vendors), their developers, distributor and partner channels, and customers collaborate seamlessly with each other within the platform.

Says LongJump CEO Pankaj Malviya:

“SaaS technology vendors today must address the fact that web users all want to work […]

Platform-as-a-Service Video Tour Now Up

We’ve introduced a new library of videos that cover the deep set of features within LongJump’s public and private cloud PaaS. Over time, this library will be extended and refined so that businesses, developers, partners and ISVs interested in LongJump’s SaaS application platform can quickly watch a short video on the features that matter to them most.

You can watch these videos from our website at and by clicking on Video Tour on any of the web pages.

The library covers the platform’s major areas including:

  • Application Design
  • Development
  • Reports
  • Access Controls
  • Productivity […]

Platform-as-a-Service Innovator LongJump Selected by AlwaysOn as an OnDemand Top 100 Winner

Recognized for creating new opportunities in cloud computing and SaaS

SUNNYVALE, CA, April 16, 2010 — LongJump, a leading provider of software that powers Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), today announced that it has been chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the OnDemand Top 100 winners. Inclusion in the OnDemand 100 signifies leadership amongst its peers and game-changing approaches and technologies that are likely to disrupt existing markets and entrenched players. LongJump was specially selected by the AlwaysOn editorial team and industry experts spanning the globe based on a set […]

Ziff Davis Enterprise eSeminar Series on PaaS

We just wrapped up our third eSeminar with ZDEnterprise “How ISVs Can Leverage Cloud Computing to Deliver New SaaS Business Apps in Months, Not Years.”

Many thanks to Adam Day, VP of Business Development at HRAnswerlink for his participation on describing how his firm was able to leverage LongJump’s on-premise PaaS to drive rapid deployment of their new SaaS offerings.

This follows past eSeminars including:

If you’d like to view this eSeminar and any in the past […]

Webinar: PaaS Strategy and Practice for Enterprises, ISVs, and Outsourcers

The Focused Approach to Delivering Cloud Applications Using Platform-as-a-Service

PaaS is the next transformational wave in software-as-a-service and it’s already here. Are you ready? Join us for an insightful and practical examination of PaaS and its effect on how businesses can accelerate SaaS application development.

Stefan Ried, Senior Analyst at Forrester will share the latest Forrester research on PaaS as it relates to public and private cloud implementations and how enterprises, ISVs and IT outsourcers can take full advantage of its unique properties.

This webinar will also uncover the platform elements you need to execute a comprehensive PaaS strategy including:

  • Rapid […]