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Pay Only For What You Print: Print Outsourcing

The outsourcing of the printer park, also known as print outsourcing, is based on the pay-per-use system. It is known as ” pay only for what you print ” that allows our customers to save money and optimize their administrative processes.

Benefits And Advantages Of Payment Per Copy

The formula of payment for photographs has been extended between public, private and business centers. Our customers are limited to paying for copies or prints made without investing in printing equipment or dealing with suppliers or maintenance of machines.

    1. Cost savings

Thanks to the payment for use, companies manage to save money for several reasons. They do not need to invest in a high-performance printer or photocopier to pay for it over time. Directly they have the advantages of this equipment without the initial investment.

In our company, we design a strategic plan for the needs of our customers. We study your volume of prints or copies and the characteristics of these documents. In this way, we propose to distribute the printer park by locating the equipment in a studied manner according to work carried out in each of the areas. For example, in marketing they need machines that offer excellent color results to make presentations, however, in the administrative area, they may only require black and white copies to archive certain documents.

On the other hand, money is saved because the so-called ” invisible costs ” of companies are reduced. Our customers have the costs in advance so they can budget and are aware of the exact volume of copies made in their facilities. There is a centralized control that controls the operation of the machines and their performance.

  1. Efficiency is improved

Our customers do not need to store stock of consumables for their use. We are the supplier company, the ones in charge of making the spare parts so that the machines do not run out of ink and can continuously offer the service.

This is how we achieve that the company improves the efficiency of its printing processes and does not interrupt its activity at any time due to lack of supplies. Nor do you have to worry that the inks are running out and you need to buy stock. The control is performed remotely to ensure the perfect performance and operation of all equipment.

  1. Technical assistance

In the contract that we signed with our clients, we included the professional service. In this way, if a device breaks down, we automatically replace it with another of the same range without any additional cost. Our clients can continue to develop their activity without the problem is a problem.

Besides, the technical assistance is guaranteed in the agreement we sign, which has no added cost for our customers. One of our technicians goes to the office to do the repair or to replace the machine without our clients having to pay the repair money.

  1. Service optimization

Through our study and initial audit, we managed to optimize the printing service of all our clients. We take care of placing the machines in strategic places taking into account different variables. On the one hand, we consider the volume and type of document, as we have already mentioned, and, on the other, we take into account the exact location of the equipment to facilitate the work of the employees.

  1. Latest technology in the payment for use

One of the keys for our clients to achieve excellent printing results is in the equipment that we provide them. Our teams combine technology and agility to optimize productivity.

  1. Data and integrated management

Thanks to our systems of remote monitoring and centralization of processes, our customers have all the information and data concerning payment by copy. We provide integrated management to improve the results and improve the control of the printing area.

In the payment for use is one of the keys of the current digital transformation. The benefits of the outsourcing of printing allow the use of equipment in exchange for paying for the consumption that is made of them. It is the new business philosophy that minimizes risk and optimizes results.

Our clients thus subscribe to the service that most interests them according to their needs. They only pay for what they consume; they have all the information at their disposal and the invoices to include them in the cost section of the quarterly or annual taxes that they present.

We, for our part, take care of providing you with the best of outsourcing printing services. If you have a firm or manage a center, whether public or private, the system of “pay only for what you print ” interests you. The contract now your payment service per page with our firm.